Desi tips to cure flu and congestion this season

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

11th Oct, 2020. 11:10 am
desi tips to cure flu

The Winter season is soon to arrive in Pakistan. However, flu and congestion seem to have arrived sooner than expected!

Various people these days are having block nose and dry cough due to changing weather conditions. Flu is not a negligible problem, as it disturbs the whole body. Here are some of the useful home remedies you can adopt to cure the flu.

Be hydrated

Flu can make you feel dehydrated. You need to consume sufficient liquid items to hydrate yourself. Drink plenty of warm water. In addition to this, consume chicken or vegetable soups and herbal teas to fulfill your nutrition as well. Or, drink plenty of fruit juices rich in Vitamin C. In the winter season, you can have oranges to fulfill the vitamin C dose.

Blow off some steam

Steam is one of the best home remedies you can use to cure the flu and block nose. Heat water in a pan and breathe in its fumes for a few minutes. This will clear your nasal passage and will ease congestion and pain. You can also take a hot shower once a day.


Gargling is another useful remedy to cure sore throat and cough that results after the flu. Take a class of warm water with a pinch of salt and thoroughly gargle your throat. But, make sure to avoid cold water and cold food items.

Rest, rest, and rest!

Having flu feels like your entire body gets disturb the whole day. You need to take rest. If possible, take a day off from your professional routine and spend time lying on the couch. Getting some rest can help your body fight infections.

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