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Females are taking COVID-19 more seriously than Males

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

19th Oct, 2020. 08:37 pm
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In The Records of the National Academy of Sciences a new study shows that along with genetic and immunological factors, behavioral changes also result in COVID-19 differences between male and female.

The report says, in comparison to men, women are more consider more COVID-19 as serious problem. They were more agreed to obey with the restrictions which includes staying at home and wearing masks. This is according to a survey which is conducted in March/April of over 21,000 people in eight wealthy countries of the world.

However there is no gender difference in infection rates, men are more liable to becoming ill, with almost doubles the odds of dying. “Countries which is controlled by women, such as Germany and New Zealand, have usually retorted more effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Also some of the countries with the worst record, including the United States, India and Brazil, are commanded by men who have projected strong manliness attitudes to the needs for defensive practices such as wearing masks.”

There are also some examples of the countries who were commanded by men like Pakistan is the best example of it, and the countries like United States are also looking towards precautionary majors which was taken by Pakistan when this pandemic reached to the dangerous level in the country.

World Health Organization (WHO) is also praising Pakistan for their steps taken towards to overcome this pandemic.

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