Baby’s Skin Care Guide During Winters

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

13th Nov, 2020. 04:50 pm
Baby's Skin Care Guide During Winters

During winters, the baby’s skin needs special attention and it’s not unusual to worry about it.

The chilly and harsh winters can dry even the softest part of the newborn’s skin. So, with the change of season, the skin needs changes too. For this purpose, there are few things that need to be taken care of during cold weather if you have an infant at home.

In winter, the cold and dry air retains less moisture which causes the skin to dry. Babies may have skin that is more sensitive and fragile than adults making them more vulnerable to loss of moisture.

Here are some of the problems parents usually spot in their baby’s skin

Problem: Chapped Lips

Mostly children face the problem of having cracks on lips and the skin around the lips. This happens due to continuous drooling.


Apply a soft lip balm or if you’re a breastfeeding mother then applying breast milk on the lips can also fix the problem.  Moreover, lanolin can work too.

Problem: Rosy Red Cheeks

If the winds are also blowing harshly during the chilly weather then the lovely cheeks of your baby can get irritated.


Moisturize the cheeks of your baby properly with the gap of a few hours. Also, a plastic stroller cover can mitigate the issue if the baby is outdoor.

Problem: Itch and Dry Skin

During winters the skin of newborns tends to lose moisture which leads to the appearance of dry patches all over their body. Moreover, these patches will appear to be red, flaky, and induce irritation on the skin.


Apply humidifier to reduce lessen the dry area. Also, use soft and breathable fabrics to protect the skin from being itchy

But if the baby is already suffering from eczema then seek help from a medical professional along with using the home remedies

Bottom Line

The delicate skin of the baby needs special attention during the cold and harsh climate. Follow the few steps in order to protect the fragile skin of your newborn.

  1. Moisturizers ought to be applied regularly.
  2. UV and wind exposure must be minimized.
  3. Bath time should be reduced.
  4. Humidity in the households must be increase.

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