Five Reasons To Consume Radish During Winters

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

17th Nov, 2020. 03:39 pm
Five Reasons To Consume Radish

Radish or mooli may not be the world’s most common vegetable, but it is definitely packed with nutrients. Moreover, radish is ranked as the superfood due to providing amazing health benefits.

Most of people complain about its taste. But when wellness is concerned, it earns high points.  Therefore, it is important to know that radish contains antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. So, take advantage of radishes this winter to obtain five health benefits.

1. Protects Heart

Radishes due to the presence of anthocyanin, vitamin C, folic acid, and flavonoids proves to be an important agent in making the heart function properly along with reducing the chances of heart diseases.

2. Regulates Blood Pressure

Radishes supply potassium to the body which is a great source of controlling blood flow and reducing blood pressure, especially for the ones suffering from blood pressure.

3. Skin & Hair Treatment

Radish juice every day can be a powerful source for uplifting the skin. The zinc, phosphorous, and vitamin C present in it can treat rashes, wrinkles, pimples, and dryness. Moreover, if used in the paste form can cleanse the skin.

But it can also be applied to hair if one wants to minimize dandruff, reduce hair loss, and even improves the root.

4. Protects The Body From Dehydration

The high water content of mooli is very beneficial during winters when people usually tend to drink less water. The presence of water content will provide water thereby rejuvenating the hair and skin.

5. Aid In Digestion

The high fiber content of radish can fix acidity, obesity, nausea, and gastric disorders. Moreover, the root vegetable can also treat irritable bowel syndrome.

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