Winter Foods: Three Most Relish Superfoods

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

27th Nov, 2020. 11:46 am
Three Delicious Winter foods

The seasonal harvest of winter has arrived and it totally makes the chilly season bearable. The Winter season brings its own festivities and foods with cool winds. Pakistanis enjoy various delicious dishes to satisfy their cravings. The super delicious and nutritious foods include Gajar Ka Halwa, Sarson Ka Saag, and Panjiri.

1. Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa, also called carrot halwa is a delicious pudding based on carrots that are enjoyed nationwide. Carrots harvested in winter are highly regarded in terms of quality and taste. During the winter season, finely grated fresh carrots are cooked in some milk, sugar or jaggery, or dry fruit in a pot. The flavor of the dessert is heavenly.

2. Sarson Ka Saag

The attractive and vast fields of mustard sway with winds are the most- awaited winter crop. The dish called Sarson Ka Saag is made by using the tender leaves of mustard. Moreover, corn another seasonal produce is better served with it.

3. Panjiri

Gond Ka Laddoo, widely known as Panjiri is a healthy combination of Panjiri and Gond (Natural Gum) ka Laddoo is a large ball of wheat mixed with ghee, jaggery, and plenty of dry fruit portion. It is consumed largely to provide comfort to the bones. Typically made to be able to defeat the cold winters in the northern areas, Panjiri or Gond ke Laddoo’s nutritious energies are a delight to relish.

Winter foods

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