Europe Approves Edible Worms As Human Food

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

14th Jan, 2021. 06:36 pm
Europe Approves Edible Worms As Human Food

The European Food Safety Agency has decided to allow mealworms to be eaten in powdered or paste form in pasta.

The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA), the European Union’s food safety watchdog in Parma, Italy, has officially approved the use of mealworms as food. The city is better known for its delicious pasta, tomatoes, ham and cheese.

According to experts, these insects are rich in nutrients and have been shown to be good for human health.

If approved by the European Commission, actually larvae of the darkling beetle (Tenebrio molitor) and typically fed to pet reptiles and fish, the yellow grubs will begin to be available in food stores in European countries.

According to the Food Agency, these insects are rich in ingredients such as protein, fat and fibre. These insects or their powder can be eaten in snacks or noodles.

Giovanni Sogari, a researcher at the University of Parma, says For many Europeans, eating insects still triggered a “yuck” reaction.

“With time and exposure, such attitudes can change,” he added.

However, in many African and Asian countries around the world, it is common to eat a variety of insects.

Giovanni Sogari speculated that people’s habits change over time and in this case too, “people’s attitude may change.

In European countries, Germany and Austria, insects are already used in the preparation of some salty foods.

European officials say the scientific community, as well as food industry businesses, have long been interested in edible insects.

About 150 applications were submitted to the agency for approval of new food species and analysis of potential hazards, including 15 insect species. But first of all, the mail worms have been approved.

Experts believe that many species of insects around the world can be used as human food. Perhaps that is why the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) said in 2013 that “eating insects can reduce food insecurity.”

According to the United Nations, such insects can grow by eating biological waste and are easier to cultivate than other livestock where they use a small amount of water.

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