Pakistani origin Russian scientist ‘invents Covid-19 cure’

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

24th Jan, 2021. 01:19 pm
Pakistani Russian scientist Covid-19 vaccine

Pakistani origin Russian scientist Prof Jan Alam has claimed that mineral-based medicine is effective for the treatment of coronavirus in Pakistan.

Addressing media at the National Press Club in Islamabad on Saturday, he claimed that the medicine is free-from side-effects and is completely safe for humans. He also suggested that the medicine can be useful for a day-old child as well.

According to details, the medicine is made from nanotechnology and is named Minerolytevir, a fifth-generation medicine that has been registered by the Drug Regulation Authority of Pakistan (DRAP).

He told the media,“A patient diagnosed with COVID-19 can be cured within 10 days by using this medicine. Patients on ventilatory support can be saved by using it through nebulization. Just one mist of spray on the face and other body parts saves a person for three to four hours in these crucial days of the pandemic.”

Moreover, Alam also claimed that he is the first scientist in the world to have invented a medicine for the treatment of Covid-19. Numerous patients who had used his medicine had been cured in Pakistan and Russia as well, he claimed. 

Apart from that, the Russian scientist requested the government to introduce his medicine in government hospitals to save lives. He said that he has invented 20 medicines including that for cancer patients too. 

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