Beat The Heat With These Refreshing Summer Drinks

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

18th Apr, 2021. 10:30 pm
Summer Drinks

The month of Ramadan and summers is an intense combo when you strongly need something refreshing to drink and to stay hydrated.

What we eat and the drinks we add to our routine effectively build immunity and help beat the heat.

Summer means lots of fluids, liquids, fruits and drinks that hydrate our body to stay active throughout the day.

However,  here are few summer beverages you can drink during the scorching summer days.

With these immediate and easy recipes, all you have to do is slurp and refresh your body.

1. Ginger peach drink

A refreshing golden coloured soda made with fresh yellow peaches and ginger is undoubtedly a delicious combination. The tender sweetness is perfect when you have the spicy and warm flavours of ginger.

Method: Cook peach and ginger for few minutes in a pan till they are pulpy. Then add lime juice and water for texture. Blend together and you’re done.

2. Jasmine mint iced tea

A perfect drink that can help in dehydration. To boost your energy levels, drink a cup of jasmine tea brewed with either green tea or black tea. Also, this tea works as an aid in relaxation. Jasmine tea can also treat several skin conditions because of the presence of anti-bacterial properties.

Method: Boil jasmine tea bags with mint leaves. Refrigerate the mixture after straining to serve the chilled tea.

3. Coconut water

Coconut water helps to balance the electrolytes and it has plenty of other health benefits. Tender coconut water can also make you healthier from within.

Method: Chia seeds can be added to coconut water which will increase the fibre content and also helps in weight loss.

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