Here’s your fix to hydration if summer seems to bog you down

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

04th Apr, 2021. 12:13 pm

As summers are intensifying day by day in Karachi due to the scorching heatwaves in the city, it would be great to indulge in a glass of sugarcane juice, which will not only cool you down remarkably but will also benefit your body in many ways. According to the health experts, Sugarcane juice is the perfect drink to beat the heat.

Energy Drink

Sugarcane juice serves as an energy drink, just one glass of cold sugarcane juice helps in rebuilding the depleting energy levels in your body.

Healthy Liver

It is rich in antioxidants, acts as a diuretic and helps keep your liver strong.

Healthy Teeth  

It is full of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus that strengthen the enamel of the teeth and protects it against decay.

Remedy for Jaundice

It is a proven remedy for jaundice. Health experts say that antioxidants in its juice protect the liver against infection and maintain the bilirubin levels in control.

Healthy Digestive system

Sugarcane juice also helps in keeping the digestive system in good shape, prevents stomach infection and is very helpful in treating the problem of constipation.

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