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Shikanjvi: A Popular immunity-boosting Cool Drink To Beat The Heat

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

11th May, 2021. 02:52 pm
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Shikanjvi Recipe And Health Benefits

Shikanjvi or Shikanji is a traditional lemonade, originated in the Punjab region but its delicious taste meant that it made its way throughout Pakistan.

The main ingredients for Shikanjvi include lemon, ginger juice, ice and water, and other ingredients such as salt and cumin. The ingredients are mixed with cold water and served chilled.

This cold drink is one of the most popular beverages to have during the summer as it effectively helps in beating the heat.

High in vitamin C, it stimulates your digestive system. Furthermore, lemons are an excellent example of an alkaline food that helps balance your body’s pH.

How To Make Shikanjvi?


1. 2 lemons
2. 1 teaspoon ginger
3. ½ teaspoon of salt
4. ½  teaspoon of black salt
5. ½ teaspoon jeera powder
6. ½ tablespoon sugar

How To Make The Drink?

1. Take a jug.
2. Pour 2 glasses of water in it.
3. With the help of a lemon juice squeezer, squeeze the juice directly into the water.
4. Next, add black salt, sugar or cumin powder to the drink.
5. Stir till the sugar dissolves.
6. The drink is ready. You are free to serve it chilled.

Also, here we have few health benefits of this popular drink. Take A Look!

Health Benefits Of Shikanjvi

1. Digestion:

The lemony beverage can do wonders for your digestion. During summers, you are often out in the sun and need to have something refreshing and hydrating. Lemon is rich in pectin fibre and ascorbic acid, both of which are said to facilitate smooth digestion. The shikanjvi has numerous beneficial properties that can help better digestion.

2. Weight Loss:

If you monitor the amount of salt in your shikanjvi, your chilled glass may also help you in your weight loss goals. Lemon is full of pectin fibre, which helps you to feel full for a longer period of time and also help in losing extra pounds. Lemon is also a natural cleanser and has detox properties, while ginger is good for digestion.

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