Mint Margarita – A refreshing lemon soda Drink To Beat The Heat

Mint Margarita – A refreshing lemon soda Drink To Beat The Heat

Mint Margarita – A refreshing lemon soda Drink To Beat The Heat

The menthol quality of mint water has been shown to help clear nasal passages. Studies show that mint may help reduce the bacteria within the mouth that causes bad breath.

From boosting digestion to keeping your breath fresh for long, mint is packed with a number of benefits that make it more than just a mocktail, chutney or raita ingredient. It is very cooling and aids in digestion and breathing disorders too.

Here we have a delightful and refreshing summer drink, Mint Margarita with a detailed recipe.


  1. Podina (Mint leaves) 1 Cup
  2. Lemon juice 3 tbs
  3. Kala namak (Black salt) ½ tsp
  4. Namak (Salt) ¼ tsp or to taste
  5. Sugar 2-3 tbs or to taste
  6. Soda water 500 ml
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  8. Ice cubes

Method To Make Mint Margarita:

  1. In a food processor, blend the water, sugar, salt, mint, lemon juice and ice cubes together, pulsing until the ice is crushed completely.
  2. Fill each glass up to half with the Sprite or 7-Up and pour the mint mixture into it until the glass is full.
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  4. Stir the two liquids to combine the tastes.
  5. Garnish the ridge of the glasses with a slice of lemon each or place mint leaves on top of the drink for decoration.
  6. Serve immediately.

Mint: the all-rounder herb

Mint leaves have plenty of benefits, other than cooling and refreshing breath? Take A Look!

  1. A curative herb, mint helps soothe the digestive tract which is why it is so often administered as a herbal tea for gastrointestinal problems. It also eliminates toxins from the body, cleaning the stomach, liver and blood.
  2. The mint plant has sedative effects and disinfectant properties in the form of menthol, limonene, menthone, vitamin C and other antibiotic compounds.
  3. Mint leaves are ideal for relieving symptoms of asthma, flu and bronchitis owing to their antispasmodic properties. The menthol found in mint is a vasodilator of the nasal mucous membrane and helps treat sinus problems. Inhalation of the leaves clears mucous and relaxes the nerves. It also alleviates dry coughs, sore throats, colds, allergies and chest congestion.
  4. Mint oil is used to ameliorate depression, stress, fatigue and headaches, by massaging it over the chest, neck and temples. It has also been recommended for rheumatism, acne, blackheads and ear inflammation.
  5. The aroma emanated by the plant has been proven to curtail anxiety and boost mental performance and alertness. Therefore, drinking mint tea is ideal for students and employees working for long hours.
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