Monsoon special: 4 Must-Try Healthy Snacks for Monsoon

Raba NoorWeb Editor

13th Jul, 2021. 12:12 am
Monsoon special

In the Pakistani monsoon season, when the heavy rains splatter the roofs and flood the streets, people gather in the verandas and balconies, cherishing the pleasure-filled, delightful rain. The elderly of the household step out from the rooms, adults take relief from work, and sit together watching the raindrops splitter and splatter.

Sitting together in the veranda, chatting, laughing at old jokes, and enjoying tasty homemade healthy snacks, people in Pakistan love monsoon the most!

If you want to make these special hours more enjoyable, then do try out these mouth-watering and all-time favorite recipes for rainy days!


The shade of nimbostratus clouds decide our supper menu, even before the first drop of rain makes its way to the ground. As soon as the hush falls, and the birds make their way to their homes, the monsoon anthem begins in every Pakistani house;

Since the foody spirit of my fellow natives (as well as that of our ancestors!) couldn’t only do with one type of pakora, they experimented and played with the basic recipe until they blessed us with the following variants:

  • Aloo Pakoray
  • Palak Pakoray
  • Mirchi Pakoray
  • Mix Vegetable Pakoray
  • Corn Pakoray
  • Bread Pakoray
  • Cheese Pakoray

And the list goes on

Samosas and Vegetable Spring Rolls

The samosa and vegetable spring rolls are certainly inseparable! When the rainy season lightens up everyone’s mood, the spicy and crunchy taste of Samosas and vegetable spring rolls is the best combination on the table. Be it Aloo or Qeema ka samosa, the crispiness of the patty and the tangy green chutney fills the mouth with a burst of flavors.


Small, rounded, crispy Kachori is yet another popular monsoon snack. This spicy snack is prepared from wheat or all-purpose flour and comes filled with split green gram  (moong daal). As the monsoon season approaches, one can find several street vendors offering spicy snacks with Aloo ki Tarkari at nominal rates. You can even buy this monsoon snack from these vendors, in other seasons, usually from 5 pm -9 pm.

Cheesy Potato Wedges and Chicken Nuggets

While the mature taste buds can satisfy their monsoon cravings and refresh their childhood memories with Pakoras, Samosas, Kachoris the children prefer a different menu. And when the beauty of monsoon unites even the distant relatives, how can we let our little ones feel aggrieved?

To amplify the joy of rain, surprise little buddies with cheesy potato wedges and chicken nuggets. Also, playing in the rain for hours can drain a lot of energy. So when the kids are back, serve them hot, crisp, and nutritious homemade cheesy potato wedges and chicken nuggets. It will only take 30-40 minutes to prepare each of these mouth-watering healthy snacks for kids when it’s raining.

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