These myriad health benefits of berries Will Blow Your Mind

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

06th Jul, 2021. 04:40 pm
Berries health benefits

Fruits are an essential part of a person’s healthy diet and provide our body with uncountable beneficial nutrients. It’s, therefore, important to add fresh fruits like berries and seasonal fruits to your diet.

Berries are extremely healthy and can be a great addition for dessert for modern weight-watchers. This makes them pervasive to an extent that they can be used as an evening snack, as well as for dessert.

Here are few health benefits of berries given below.

1. Mental Sharpness and Alertness

Berries contain anthocyanidins which help to increase sharpness, strengthen memory and delays cognitive decline. Several studies have credited berries to delay intellectual decline, especially for senior citizens. Anthocyanidins that are found easily in most berries, permeate the blood-brain barriers and reach those areas of the brain that are concerned with memory and cognitive strength.

2. Doing away with diabetes

A popular misconception about berries is that since they are sweet, they should be avoided so as to not risk diabetes. According to nutritionists, berries contain a lot of fibre which makes them a good alternative to traditional fruits. According to the USA’s Department of Agriculture, Raspberries contain 15g of carbohydrates which further includes 8g of fibre per cup. Blackberries have 14g of carbohydrates but again 8g of fibre per cup. Studies have concluded that berries have a high chance of preventing diabetes. They are good for blood sugar regulation and promote a low glycaemic load.

3. A good weapon against heart diseases

The flavonoids and anti-oxidant plant compounds present in berries help fight against heart diseases. They also help prevent high cholesterol levels, reduced systolic blood pressure, body mass index, and sugar levels in the blood. The antioxidants help promote healthy cell formation and thereby reduce the risk of inflammation.

4.  Sweet weight-loss solution

One of the main concerns with weight loss is always an unending desire to eat all the time. However, berries are so filling that they satiate such desires. Even if you are on the trending Ketogenic diet, you can always include berries in your diet but only in small quantities. On average, the well-known berry has around 50-60 calories. Interestingly enough, one study proved that individuals with a fat-rich diet and regular intake of berries lost more weight than those on a controlled diet due to the insulin provided in berries.

5. Aids in fighting cancer

The flavonoid in berries like blueberries and raspberries help fight against gastrointestinal and breast cancer. They may even act as a cure against liver, prostate, pancreatic, and lung cancers. This is done by preventing inflammation, DNA damage in cells, and the spread of malignant cells in the body.

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