Paris Massacre: 400 Algerians Murdered By French Police Being Remembered Today

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

17th Oct, 2020. 10:30 pm
Paris Massacre: 400 Algerians Murdered By French Police Being Remembered Today

France’s history is full of human blood. October 17, 1961, was the day of the massacre of Algerians in French history.

On this day, 30,000 Algerians living in Paris announced a large rally for the independence of their country. Earlier, Paris police imposed a curfew on Algerian citizens on October 6.

On October 17, when 30,000 people began protesting, then-Paris police chief Maurice Papon ordered the firing on a peaceful protest.

French Police killed 400 Algerian civilians and arrested 14,000 people while multiple hospitalized in critical condition after being injured.

France did its best to cover up the massacre, and in 1998, 27 years after the massacre, announced that only 40 people had been killed by police.

Police dumped the bodies of all the dead into the Seine River. Many seriously injured people were evacuated from the river and rushed to the hospital.

It has now been officially acknowledged that the massacre of peaceful protesters was deliberate.

France invaded and conquered the African Muslim country of Algeria in 1830. And establish their oppressive colonial government.

The Algerian people have been subjected to various atrocities and human rights were denied. The Algerian people were considered as slaves and lower-class citizens. In the beginning, there were various movements for independence which were badly crushed by the military. Thousands, millions of people were killed. The special strategy of the colonial powers was to promote their civilization, language and special Christianity with political-military-economic domination.

 Thousands of settlers from France, Spain, Italy and Malta migrated to Algeria, occupying important parts of cities.

On November 9, 1954, the “Algerian Revolution” of a great independence movement began against French forces.

Strong guerrilla and military attacks began. The National Liberation Front successfully launched the People’s Liberation Movement.

The struggle for independence was turned into a civil war by the French government. Millions of innocent people were massacred in a span of 8 years.

For Algeria’s independence, France eventually had to hold two referendums. In the April 8, 1962 referendum 91% of people voted for the independence of Algeria.

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