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Why Oprah Winfrey Was Anxious Before Elliot Page interview?

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06th May, 2021. 09:09 pm
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American host Oprah Winfrey conceded she was feeling nervous about the centre before leading her tragic meeting with Elliot Page.

The talk revolved around the actor’s experience of coming out as a transgender man and the numerous horrors that accompanied it.

Since Winfrey understood this was a sensitive topic, she set herself up well before it. The renowned anchorperson uncovered she had never been as restless a meeting as she was for this one since it rotated around people’s numerous life journeys and disturbances.

To teach herself prior to sitting down for the talk, Winfrey spoke to the director of GLAAD’S, an American non-governmental media checking association, known for securing the LGBTQ community and protesting against any agenda against them.

In the process of the preparation, Winfrey watched Disclosure, a documentary produced by Laverne Cox, which featured the issues looked at by the transgender community.

The meeting was sad as Page shared the plight he went through as he got mindful of his new arising self. Winfrey said her persistent effort paid off as she needed “to help everybody else do better.”

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