How to boost the speed of your Wi-Fi network

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

13th Nov, 2020. 06:40 pm
Wi-Fi network

Whether you need it for home schooling, work or just streaming shows, good Wi-Fi is deemed extremely important and necessary. Steady internet connection is rarely our reality.

Whether you need to reposition your router or need to consider getting a VPN, here is how to fix the Wi-Fi:


Run through the usual troubleshooting methods

The router should be centrally located in homes, re-positioning its antennas. The network security should also be checked.


Test your internet health

This checks the connection speed of the internet, essentially gauging whether the ISP provides consistent performance regardless of the content being accessed.


Find a reliable VPN

Finding a reliable VPN is necessary after one has done the basic first testing on the internet health.


Compare your speed with the VPN

After testing the speed of your internet, compare it to the results of the same test when the VPN is active. The speed test should show a discrepancy because the use of any VPN should cut the speed of the internet considerably.

If the speed test with the VPN is faster than without the VPN, it may mean your ISP is targeting your IP address for throttling.


Fix your internet

  • Use the best service provider in the region for a more reliable ISP
  • Use a VPN to maintain more consistent speeds. It can mitigate throttling from unscrupulous ISPs.

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