Hajj 2019: Thousands of pilgrims continue to stream into Mina

By Arhama Altaf - Web Editor

09th August, 2019

More than two million Muslims begin the annual hajj on Friday.

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims continue to stream into Mina, a district of Mecca.

Mina sits in a narrow valley surrounded by Rocky Mountains and is the largest tent city in the world.

It can accommodate more than two million pilgrims.

A total of “350,000 air-conditioned tents have been pitched,” an official said.

In total some 2.5 million faithful, the majority from abroad, undertook the pilgrimage this year.

Moreover, Six Pakistani stars have already left for the Holy Pilgrimage this year.

Feroze Khan posted: “I would like to inform you all I’ve been invited to perform Hajj this year.”

“I would also like to ask forgiveness if I’ve hurt anyone here in any capacity!”

“Sending you all lots of love”, Feroze added.

Atif Aslam also posted a goodwill message before leaving.

Hamza Ali Abbasi also announced on Twitter that the Almighty has blessed him with this oppotunity.

Other than these stars who posted updates, Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan are also performing Hajj.

Veteran actress Rubina Ashraf sent a video, uploaded by Faisal Qureshi, which appeared that she was at the Holy Ka’aba.

Hajj is one of the world’s largest religious gatherings.

It is one of Islam’s five pillars and must be undertaken by all Muslims at least once in their lives.

Muslims around the world pray towards the Kaaba.

Ka’aba is located in the Grand Mosque, and pilgrims walk around it seven times.

Worshipers participated in weekly prayers late on Friday morning.

During the pilgrimage separate streams of men and women are grouped by nationality.

They had traveled to Mina on foot or in buses provided by the authorities.

Worshipers will climb Mount Arafat, also known as the “Mount of Mercy”, for hours of prayers and Koran recitals.

After descending, they will gather pebbles and perform the symbolic “stoning of the devil”.

That marks the beginning of Eid-ul-Adha, the festival of sacrifice, marked on Sunday.

Pilgrims then return to the Grand Mosque to perform a final “Tawaf” or walk around the Kaaba.

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