Houthi rebels Saudi Airport attack foiled

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09th August, 2019

Houthi rebels Saudi Airport attack foiled

Friday 09th August, 2019

Yemen Houthi rebels Saudi airport attack was foiled by Saudi joint forces.

Houthi rebel attacked the Saudi Abha airport through drones which was intercepted by Saudi forces.

According to Arab media, Houthi rebel attacked Abha airport twice with drones.

Houthi rebel said that they attacked Abha airport monitoring tower and other installations due to which flight operations were disrupted.

Spokesperson Saudi joint forces confirmed the drone attacks by Houthi rebels and said that attacks were intercepted timely and drone was destroyed.

According to Saudi joint forces, Houthi rebels also attacked Abha airport on 3 July in which three civilians were injured.

In a similar incident on 12 June at Abha airport, a missile attack from Houthi rebels injured 26 civilians. On 23 June attack, one Syrian national died and 23 were injured.

According to media reports, Saudi forces attacked sites of Houthi rebels in Sana and other areas of Yemen.

Previously, Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi group attacked Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport, the group’s Al Masirah TV said on Saturday, citing a military spokesman.

There was no immediate confirmation from Saudi authorities.

The attack has caused a suspension of the air traffic at the airport, according to a Houthi military spokesman.

Also, Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi movement said on Thursday that it carried out attacks on military sites in Jizan Airport in Saudi Arabia, the group’s Al-Masirah TV reported.

There was no Saudi confirmation of the attacks.

Earlier, the Houthis said they carried out drone attacks on Jizan and Abha Saudi airports.

The Houthis, who are fighting in neighboring Yemen, have repeatedly launched attacks against targets in Saudi Arabia, which is leading a coalition battling them.

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