India rejects mediation offer on Kashmir Issue

Shiraz ShaikhWeb Editor

02nd Aug, 2019. 07:14 pm
Pompeo-and-Shankar on Kashmir issue

India rejects mediation offer from United States on Kashmir issue.

According to the details, India has rejected mediaition offer forwarded by US on Kashmir issue.

Indian foreign minister said that dialogue on Kashmir issue with Pakistan will only be bilateral. No third party will be allowed to involve in the matter.

India rejects US mediation offer on Kashmir issue saying that no such request was made by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he added.

Indian Foreign Minister in a tweet called Kashmir issue a bilateral one and rejected any third party involvement.


Indian defense minister on the other hand said that India will never compromise on national interest.

Previously, United States President Donald Trump has linked his mediation offer with request by Modi to solve Kashmir Issue.

According to the details, US president Donald Trump still holds the mediation offer. Modi has to decide how to look at this offer.

Donald Trump said that if Pakistan and India request, I can play the role of mediator. But it depends on Indian PM to whether accept the offer or not.

US president further said that he still holds the offer.

Both leaders of India and Pakistan have the capability to solve issues, he added.

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