Indian Journalists termed Kashmir situation as “Hell”

By Shiraz Shaikh - Web Editor

15th August, 2019

Indian journalists have termed situations in Kashmir after curfew as “hell”.  After abrogation of article 370, Indian journalists visited Kashmir for five days.

According to the details, Indian journalists who visited Kashmir after abrogation of Article 370 have said that situations in Kashmir are “Not all is well but all is hell”.

India has stopped journalists and social workers to disseminate information about Kashmir. A delegation of Indian journalists returned after spending five days in occupied Kashmir to Delhi.

The delegation of Indian journalists in Delhi organized a press conference to inform people about situations in Kashmir but Indian authorities stopped the press conference before it started and told that they cannot show everything that is happening in Kashmir.

Delegation of Indian Journalists said that Kashmiri people have categorically rejected abrogation of article 370 and have shown serious anger over lockdown.

There was only one person who was seen happy on the abrogation of article 370 but that person was a representative of BJP in Kashmir.

Kashmir media is totally banned. Kashmiri people were not allowed to celebrate Eid and fulfil their religious obligations.

Section 144 has been imposed in Srinagar and majority of the areas. People are afraid to talk against government. Anyone who shows dissent is arrested.

Delegation of Indian journalists also showed pictures of people injured and blinded due to use of pallet guns and ammunitions.

Mass protests have also been witnessed over Indian brutalities in Kashmir on Indian Independence Day. United Nations will also hold a special meeting on Friday to discuss Kashmir issue.

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