Iran concerned over tight security lockdown in Kashmir

Shiraz ShaikhWeb Editor

13th Aug, 2019. 03:47 pm
Iran concerned over tight6 security lockdown in Kashmir

Iran is concerned over tight security lockdown in Kashmir and is also concerned over Kashmiri Muslims unable to fulfil their religious duties due to lockdown.

Spokesperson Iranian Foreign Office Abbas Musavi has said that he has reports about people of Kashmir facing multitude of problems due to tight security lockdown.

Muslims of Kashmir are also facing problems amid these security measures taken by Indian government in fulfilling their religious obligations.

Iranian FO spokesperson also said that India must take measures to loosen security measures in order for normal life to return to Kashmir and people being able to fulfil their legal and religious duties.

During the Eid-ul-Adha religious festival, Muslims of Kashmir not unable to observe sacrifices and fulfilment of religious duty concerns Iran, Spokesperson Iranian FO added.

Previously, Spokesperson Iranian Foreign office Abbas Musavi in a statement has said that Iran is closely watching the situation ongoing in Kashmir.

Spokesperson Iranian FO said that both India and Pakistan have submitted their narratives regarding Kashmir issue which we are closely analyzing.

Iran asks both countries to observe restraint and give dialogue an opportunity in the larger benefit of the people of the region, statement added.

Both India and Pakistan are our regional friends. India must solve all issues through dialogue in peaceful environment, he added.

Earlier, Saudi prince Muhammad Bin Salman also called PM Imran Khan. During the telephonic conversation, Muhammad Bin Salman discussed regional situations.

Indian actions in Kashmir were also discussed in the telephonic conversation between the two leaders.

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