New York Times speaks up against Hindu extremists

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

23rd Aug, 2019. 08:23 pm
New York times exposes Modi government

American newspaper, ‘The New York Times’ says that the Indian authorities have taken two thousand Kashmiris in their custody.

According to the details received, some of the arrested civilians were sent to Lucknow and Agra jails through Air force, while some are sent to Banaras through confidential sources.

Making Kashmir fall down is the only dream of Hindu extremists, says The New York Times.

According to the newspaper, the arrests were made before and after Article 370 dispute.

Anyhow, J&K valley is the only Muslim majority region in India.

American Newspaper exposes Modi government after their recent actions in Kashmir.

The newspaper calls Modi government’s actions as anti-Muslim.

According to the details, American newspaper in an essay has called out Modi government actions in Kashmir ignited by their Hindu ideology.

Modi has used Muslim state to advance his Hindu ideology.

According to the American Newspaper sending troops to Kashmir was Modi’s long term planning and sudden revoking of article 370 was Modi’s long term Hindu ideology planning.

The basic reason of recent atrocities in Kashmir are to force Muslims to give up against Hindu ideology and Modi is trying to become Father of India through spreading Hinduism.

Previously, Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi also thanked international media for highlighting Kashmir issue and exposing Modi government actions in Kashmir.

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