Saudi Arabia expresses concerns over latest developments in IOK

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08th August, 2019

Saudi Arabia expresses concerns over latest developments in IOK

Thursday 08th August, 2019

Saudi Arabia called on the concerned parties in Jammu and Kashmir to maintain peace and stability in the region.

They urged to take into account the interests of the people of the region.

An official source at the Foreign Ministry said that Saudi Arabia is following up the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

Resulting from India’s move to revoke Article 370 of the Constitution, which guarantees the autonomy to the state of J&K.

The source expressed Saudi Arabia’s concern over the latest developments and called for peaceful settlement of the conflict in accordance with the relevant international resolutions.

Pakistan also results over Kashmir tension and ban the screening of Indian films in the country’s cinemas.

As tensions between the two countries rise over the contested Kashmir region.

Pakistan has also said that it would suspend a rail service linking it to India.

“We have decided to shut down Samjhauta Express,” railways minister Sheikh Rasheed said.

The train was running to India’s capital New Delhi from the Pakistani city of Lahore.

“As long as I am the railways minister, Samjhauta Express can’t operate”, he said.

The unprecedented security lockdown amid a near-total communications blackout has entered a fourth day in Indian-administered Kashmir.

Tens of thousands of forces in riot gear patrolling the region.

Streets lined with shuttered shops were deserted while steel barricades and razor wire cut off neighborhoods.

Shopping malls, grocery stores and even clinics were closed.

Due to the communication blackout – with landlines, cellphones and internet all down, people can’t call one another or speak to friends and relatives outside the region.

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