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Saudi crown prince warns of escalation with Iran over Saudi oil strike

Anum RizwanWeb Editor

30th Sep, 2019. 12:18 pm
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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman called for global action against Iran and warned that the conflict might turn out to be a threat to regional peace.

According to Arab media, in an interview with American Tv Show ’60 Minutes’, Crown Prince said that war with Iran will affect the global economy.

“If the world does not take a strong and firm action to deter Iran, we will see further escalations that will threaten world interests,” he told CBS program 60 Minutes.

He said the Middle East region “represents about 30% of the world’s energy supplies, about 20% of global trade passages, about 4% of the world GDP”.

“Imagine all of these three things stop. This means a total collapse of the global economy, and not just Saudi Arabia or the Middle East countries,” the prince said.

Saudi Crown Prince said that The attacks disrupted 5.5% of the world’s energy needs.

Bin Salman blamed Iran for the September 14 attack on Saudi oil facilities and quoted it as a stupid act.

The crown prince said he would prefer a political rather than a military response to Iran, as a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran would collapse the global economy.

Crown Prince called out on US president Donald Trump to play his role in resolving the conflict by meeting his Iranian counterpart and sign a new memorandum.

On September this month, Drone attacks set Saudi Arabia’s two major oil facilities of Aramco on fire.

According to details, First drone hit Abqaiq, site of Aramco’s largest oil processing plant, while a second drone attack started fires in the Khurais oilfield.

Security teams controlled the fire, which caused massive loss.

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