Saudi-Led Coalition Bombing Kills Over 100 in Yemen

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

02nd Sep, 2019. 08:06 pm
yemen bombing

The Saudi-led coalition has conducted a huge airstrike in southwest Yemen which according to an official Red Cross source has killed more than one hundred people in a single location.

Rescue workers continued to pull the dead and wounded from the rubble at the site of the attack north of the city of Dhamar.

The Saudi-UAE-led coalition confirmed air raids on Dhamar, but said it had targeted a Houthi site storing drones and missiles.

Saudi-led alliance said it had taken measures to protect civilians in Dhamar and the assault complied with international law.

Meanwhile Houthi rebels rejected the coalition’s claims the community college was a weapons store.

Houthi official in charge of war captives Abu Kinan, said that the prison is “subject to the ICRC’s inspection every now and then”.

As per details Saudi-led coalition strike package involved the use of six bombs which struck three buildings within the greater prison complex including the one specifically holding detainees.

Spokesman for the Red Cross Jason Straziuso said that the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)’s team delivered medical supplies to the hospitals where some of the wounded were taken.

He further said that the ICRC also had a forensics professional on site who will be helping this week with dead body management.

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