Sikhs seek urgent restoration of human rights in Kashmir

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

02nd Sep, 2019. 12:09 pm
Sikhs urge international action

Sikh community in the United Kingdom has urged international action on Kashmir.

As per the details, Sikh campaigners attended Kashmiri solidarity event held at the Pakistan Consulate in Birmingham.

On the occasion, Sikhs expressed solidarity with the Kashmiri victims of Indian state terrorism and pledged to work tirelessly to promote the restoration of human rights in Kashmir.

They also warned that it would only be possible if the underlying cause of the conflict were addressed.

Sikhs said that the forcible denial of freedom must be stopped by international action, Kashmiris right of self-determination must be freely exercised by the population that had been so tragically targeted by Indian extremism for decades. Modi’s own blatantly unlawful actions since 5th August have internationalized the dispute to an extent that made it impossible for India to ever again credibly make those absurd claims.

Afterward, Sikhs also marched a rally where they condemned Indian Prime Minister’s contention that Kashmir was an internal matter or even a bilateral matter.

Sikhs sought action by the UK Government, the UN and the international community as a whole to tackle BJP Government on its illegal rejection of the internationally recognized right of self-determination in Kashmir, as well as in Indian-occupied Punjab.

Kashmiri leaders, who joined the rally, thanked the Sikh participants and spoke of the need to broaden and deepen the coalition of nations, so as to more effectively bring pressure on India at a time when its actions are crossing many red lines and bringing the specter of catastrophic conflict to South Asia.

Sikhs also expressed determination to continue to work with their Kashmiri friends so as to defeat Indian aggression.

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