Students wearing burqa denied entry in Indian college

Anum RizwanWeb Editor

14th Sep, 2019. 03:47 pm

A government college of India denied entry to the students who were wearing burqa.

According to an Indian news channel, students were denied entry into the SRK college of Uttar Pradesh’ state Firozabad.

“This is an old rule that students have to come in uniform and with ID cards. Since admissions were going on, this was not followed strictly. Now it has been completed. So after September 11, entry without uniform and ID Card is not being allowed. Burqa doesn’t come under dress code. Only the uniform which has been decided by the college will be allowed,” college principal, Prabhaskar Rai was quoted saying over the issue.

Rai further stated that burqas were allowed to be worn, but only in grey colour. The students were wearing black burqas.

“Students are not forced to remove their burqas. They were told to come in uniforms. If they come wearing different burqas, they’ll be allowed to enter the college but they’ll have to change the burqa or remove it for attending classes” college principal Prabhaskar stated.

SRK is listed among the best colleges of India, which is about 100 years old.

More than 2000 students are registered here, among which, 20 percent are Muslims.

Rule, which was passed against wearing colorful burqas, brought huge criticism towards the college management.

College management stated that this dress code was announced 7 years ago.

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