Protest held in London against environmental pollution

By Arhama Altaf - Web Editor

09th October, 2019

The streets of London are also colored by a great number of protesters. A protest was held against environmental pollution in London. Over 30 thousand people were present in the protest.

British police arrested over 500 people in London after a large level of a crackdown against the protesters.

According to the British media, the protesters gathered and blocked the roads in central London. This caused a huge traffic jam.

The protesters blocked various roads including Westminster and Trafalgar square.

They made slogans against the government and asked the officials to resign if measures are not taken.

Police started working against the protesters and arrested 300 people in the first phase.

They later arrested 200 more people when the protesters started throwing stones and demolishing things.

Note that the same kind of protest was held last year in over 150 countries around the world including Australia against environmental changes and protection. The protest had started in Australia in the daytime on Friday.

People of all kinds from 110 towns and cities including Sydney, Melbourne and the capital Canberra were busy marching and spreading environmentally friendly messages.

Students had asked the attenders of the UN climate action summit to take strict measures to control environmental pollution.

The protesters had asked to stop cutting trees and lower the emission of harmful gases. They had also asked to take solid steps to save the future of the world.

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