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Turkey rejected the US demand for ceasefire in Syria

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

16th Oct, 2019. 06:41 am
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Tayyip Erdogan has clarified that they will not do ceasefire in Syria

According to details, the process of securing the connected area of the Syrian border by Turkey is underway.

Creating a 200-mile safe zone to accommodate Syrian immigrants is Turkey’s main objective.

President Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has clarified that they will not do ceasefire in Syria and they are not afraid of warnings coming from the US.

It should be remembered that the US had enforced restrictions over the operation held by Turk forces in Syria.

The US had imposed steel tariffs over Turkey and had also ended trade talks with them.

The US President Donald Trump had mentioned that if Turks keep on following a dangerous way, then their economy will be destroyed.

Trump also warned that they are ready to destroy Turkey’s economy.

Note that the US vice president Mike Pence and the minister of foreign affairs Mike Pompeo will be visiting Turkey today. Mike Pence will meet Tayyip Erdogan and will discuss Turkey’s situation.

A statement has been revealed from the white house that the vice president will talk Tayyip about the ceasefire and settlements through dialogues.

Mike Pence will also mention that Trump is determined on the fact that strict economic concepts will be presented against Turkey.

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