Feminism is not a crime in Saudi Arabia, confirms HRC

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

13th Nov, 2019. 05:32 am
Feminism is not a crime in Saudi Arabia

The presidency of state security denied a local newspaper report that mentioned that women are given severe punishments, especially in jail, including flogging.

According to international media sources, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) issued a statement in which they mentioned that the report published is not true.

They also assured that the Presidency has taken legal steps against the newspaper and the concerned authorities for issuing fake news.

Human Rights Commission (HRC) confirmed the fact that feminism is not a crime in Saudi Arabia. They also pointed out the fact that quality actions are being taken to boost women’s empowerment in the country.

They said, “The kingdom accords utmost importance to women’s rights.” HRC also confirmed that Saudi Arabia encourages women rights and empower them to attain sustainable development goals of the country to be achieved until 2030.

Apart from that, a video was posted by the State security agency which classified Feminism, atheism, and homosexuality as the concepts of extremism, even conservative countries work to appeal to tourists and promote patience, according to Reuters.

The animated video clip was posted by state security on the website of the General Department of Counter-Terrorism. It was demonstrated in the video that extremism is not acceptable.

The presidency also affirmed that actions are being taken for restructuring related to dealing with new media so that are blunders are not repeated.

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