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Indian Praised Modi for Depositing Money to his Account

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

23rd Nov, 2019. 03:56 pm
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Indian praised Modi for depositing Money to his Account

According to details, Madhya Pradesh, on finding a handsome amount in his bank account every month believed it had been deposited by Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister. He thought this is a kind practice followed by Modi to keep his election promise .

However, later, it was found out that State Bank’s Manager from Alampur branch issued two persons the same account number since both of them had same name. Among them one lived in Rony village while the other lived in Rurai village.

The Rurai Village resident used to deposit his earnings in his account since he moved to Haryana for work.

Conversely, the Rony Village resident Hukum Singh was still living in Madhya Pradesh and was more than happy to receive handsome sums every month in his account. In fact, in six months he withdrew a total of Rs 89,000 while praising Modi for a generous act.

Hukum Singh said: “Money came and I thought Modi ji was giving money so I withdrew it,”.

The issue got highlighted when Singh who was working in Haryana found just Rs 35,400 in account, which should be Rs 1,40,000.

Rony Singh also accused officials of the bank since they tried to suppress the issue.

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