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Iran downs another drone

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

08th Nov, 2019. 09:34 pm
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drone attack

Iranian Armed Forces claim to have killed a foreign drone.

According to the foreign news agency, Iran’s Armed Forces Kill a Foreign Drone in the Southern port city.

Iranian forces shot down a foreign drone over the port city of Mahshahr in its southern Khuzestan province on Friday, state news agency of Iran.

“The downed drone definitely belonged to a foreign country.” Khuzestan Governor Gholamreza Shariati said.

The army had shot down a drone over Mahshahr, without providing further details, Iranian media earlier reported.
Iran still hasn’t named any country.

On the other hand, the central command of the United States said, no US drone had been shot down.

Irani Media still has not shared more details about this attack.

Earlier, the United States has conducted a secret cyber-attack against Iran.

US carried out the cyber-attack following Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities attack.

According to details the strike took place in late September which affected physical hardware and the attack took aim at Iran’s capability to spread “propaganda.”

It should be noted that on September 14 Drone attacks have set Saudi Arabia’s two major oil facilities of Aramco on fire.

First drone hit Abqaiq, site of Aramco’s largest oil processing plant, while a second drone attack started fires in the Khurais oilfield.

Security teams have controlled the fire, which caused massive loss.

Drone attacks have been verified by the interior ministry of Saudi Arabia.

The US and Saudi Arabia have said that they believe the attack was carried out by Iran, and not by Houthi rebels.

However, Iran has denied involvement in the attack.

Responsibility was claimed by Yemen’s Houthis rebels who are battling with Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

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