Suspected militants killed 19 people in Congo

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

21st Nov, 2019. 07:34 am

Suspected Islamist militants killed 19 people overnight in Congo.

According to details, the attackers belong to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) of Uganda. They kidnapped several people in two separate attacks 35KM apart and also set a catholic church on fire.

It should be remembered that the Congolese forces had begun attacks three weeks ago near the border of Uganda. ADF have been working there for more than two decades, this is one of the dozens of rebel groups which are active in mineral-rich areas where millions of deaths occurred at the end of the century caused civil wars. The previous attacks BY ADF have been claimed by the Islamic state. But the limitation of their relationships is not cleared.

Mak Hazukay, an army spokesperson, has said that ADF have killed at least 7 people in Beni city and its outskirts. He further said that two soldiers were wounded and several people were missing.

The administrator of Beni city Donat Kibwana has stated that ADF warriors had put other people to death in a village Mavete, where they also burned a church and a pharmacy and has also kidnapped several people.

According to the Kevu security tracker, a research initiative that paves ways for unrest in the region, at least 70 people have been killed after the beginning of the military campaign.

Note that violence from ADF and other Militias have also hindered the efforts to control Ebola due to which over 2000 people have died since last year.

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