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Chinese Embassy issues travel advisory for India amid CAA protests

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

23rd Dec, 2019. 11:38 pm
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China issues travel advisory for India amid CAA protests

The Chinese Embassy in New Delhi recently issued a travel advisory for its citizens, who are heading to or are in India currently, in the wake of ongoing protests that are taking place in several parts of India owing to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The advisory posted on the website of the Chinese Embassy asked Chinese tourists to stay away from crowded places in India and also to remain alert, and get in touch with the embassy for any additional information.

The advisory notified the citizens to take necessary precautions for their personal safety amid the recent demonstrations and violent clashes taking place in India.

Earlier this month, massive protest erupted in India against the citizenship amendment bill passed.
Thousands of troops moved, into the northeastern state of Assam after violent protests.
Citizenship Amendment Bill, approved by parliament, meant to protect besieged minorities.

Indian Police shot people protesting against Anti Muslim law

Critics say it undermines the constitution by not offering protection to Muslims.
Mobile internet got suspended in 10 districts in Assam for 24 hours.
Protesters attacked the political entities Party overnight.
In Assam, protesters defied curfew, torching cars and tires and chanting anti-Modi slogans.
What is the Citizenship Bill?
Indian Parliament had passed the Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB 2019) after getting 311 votes. The bill was passed after a huge debate between the government and the opposition.

CAB 2019 proposed, Hindus, Christians, Parsis, Sikhs, and Jains will get Indian citizenship. In addition to this, Buddhists living and suffering in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan who want to settle in India can get citizenship as well.

The bill got huge criticism from the opposition, as they claimed that the bill victimizes the rights of Muslims based on their religion.

OIC expresses concern over issues faced by Muslims in India

The bill aims to provide citizenship to non Muslim refugees in India.
A non Muslim, who entered India on or before December 31, 2014, can apply for Indian citizenship.
Many have raised their voice against excluding Muslims from this provision.
Earlier United States Commission on International Religious Freedom  sought sanctions against Amit Shah.
Commission said the bill is a dangerous turn in the wrong direction.
The Commission said the bill is against the Indian Constitution.
The Commission feared the bill’s implementation would strip citizenship from millions of Muslims.
The measure goes against Indian constitution, which guarantees legal equality to all.


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