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Muslims in Norway express their devotion to the Holy Qur’an

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

03rd Dec, 2019. 12:25 pm
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Muslims in Norway expresses their devotion to the Holy Qur’an

Under Norway’s open sky, hundreds of Muslims gathered to recite Holy Quran, at the same place where Quran was disgraced.

Yesterday, in Norway’s capital, Oslo, hundreds of Muslims from different parts of the world, including Pakistanis, gathered under the open sky and spent an hour reciting Surah Yasin and expressed their devotion to the Holy Quran.

According to sources, the gathering took place in -8 degrees extreme cold weather at the football ground in Grorud, Oslo.

At the recitation ceremony, a female priest of the Grorud Church, expressed her solidarity with the Muslims by attending the special ceremony.

A large number of women and children also attended the gathering and prayed at the end.

European Muslims have begun to recite the Holy book more than ever in order to express their love for the Qur’an.

While the non-Muslims are studying it so as to see what is special in this book, whose holiness is never disrupted by Muslims.

Earlier, the man who jumped of the fence and saved the Holy Quran from burning, in the anti-Islam protest in Norway, had won millions of hearts, now being regarded as the defender of Allah’s Islam.

The boldness and courage of this hero who is named as Ilyas and attacked a protestor that was burning Holy Quran in front of hundreds of people in Norway; was widely appreciated.

Ilyas became the social media sensation, and users regarded him as the hero and one of the greatest defenders of Islam in modern times.

Desecration of the Holy Quran in the largely Muslim-populated area of Kristiansand by a Norwegian far-right group sparked outrage and condemnation by Muslim nations.

‘Stop Islamization of Norway’ (SIAN) protest took a violent turn after the group’s leader Lars Thorsen tried to burn a copy of the holy Quran, leading to a brawl between the leader and the counter-protesters.

In a video that had surfaced online, Thorsen is seen flicking the book aside, when a man approaches him aggressively, grabs him and tries to kick him. It is when the police intervened to stop the brawl.

Pakistan and Turkey have voiced strong condemnation to the Norwegian authorities, urging to take strict action against blasphemy act.

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