Pensacola attack-shooter played videos of mass killings

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

08th Dec, 2019. 04:58 am
The US is expelling twenty-one cadets of the Saudi military after a cadet was involved in a mass killing at an airbase.

Gunman, who killed three people, had played videos of mass shootings while having dinner at his base.

According to a US official, the shooter Mohammad Saeed Alshamrani had played videos of violence and mass shootings to others earlier before the incident.

According to details, Saudi students studying in naval base have been held for interrogation.

US media also reveals that a Twitter user who seemed identical to Alshamrani, had also shared anti-US posts before the incident.

US Defence Secretary Mark Esper has said while speaking at the Reagan National Defense Forum that investigations must be permitted to complete their work.

However, he also said that he would not call this a terrorism act at this point.

It should be remembered that a gunman, identified as Mohammad Saeed Alshamrani, had shot three people. He was then shot dead by police. He belonged to Saudi Arabia and was a trainee at Pansacola naval base.

Pensacola base provides aviation training to foreign military and has been giving training to Saudi militants since 1995. It also provides training to students from other countries as well. The base employs over 16,000 military and 7400 civilians, as stated in its website.


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