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Saudi Govt initiates e-marriage facility

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

13th Dec, 2019. 07:53 pm
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saudi marriage

Saudi citizens will no longer have to go to court to marry because the Saudi government has introduced an online marriage facility for those seeking marriage in the state.

According to foreign media reports, married couples must first find complete information about the “online marriage” on the Ministry of Justice website, in the light of which they will take the next steps.

After the information, candidates have to register about their personal data, choose the bridegroom, determine the time and date of the marriage, after which the person receiving the message from the ministry.

The sources stated that the contract cannot be concluded without bringing the pre-marital medical report of the would-be bride and bridegroom, issued by an accredited hospital. In the case of re-marriage of a divorced woman, a copy of the divorce certificate shall be produced so as to ensure that the iddah (period a woman must observe after the death of her husband or after a divorce) is over and she is in no way related to her first husband.

The sources stated that the e-marriage contract certificate will be issued after submission of fingerprint of all parties involved in the contract, filling up of the data of husband and wife with attachment of files related to the marriage contract, conditions of husband and wife, statements of witnesses and the wife’s guardian plus details of dowry.


Citizens are happy when online marriages are available and they appreciate government action.

E-Marriage Contract

But there are some prerequisites like if the bride is a divorcee, she should submit a copy of her divorce decree, if the bride is a widow or her father is deceased, she should submit a copy of the deed of determination of heirs, etc

Sources also said,  a medical examination should have been conducted prior the appointment with the marriage official

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