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Trump impeachment-US President to be called for trial in the senate

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

19th Dec, 2019. 10:56 am
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Trump warns Iran

Trump Impeachment hit headlines on Thursday as US President has been declared as the third US President to be impeached.

The trial will be set up in the Senate which will decide whether Trump should remain in office or not.

Two charges were voted by the House-The President has abused his power and he had thwarted congress.

According to details, almost all the Democrats voted for the charges whereas all Republicans were against them.

However, the voting was carried out at around 20:30 local time.

Trump Impeachment Charges

The voting carried out on two charges:

The first one was an abuse of power; Trump was alleged to pressurize Ukraine to investigate his Democratic rival, Joe Biden

Another one was obstruction of Congress, as Trump declined to collaborate with an impeachment inquiry, withholding documentary evidence and barring his key helpers from giving evidence.

The vote for the first article, abuse of power, passed with 230-197, and obstruction of the congress passed with 229-198.

Donald Trump was addressing a campaign rally as voting happened.

He said while talking to a cheering crowd in Battle Creek, Michigan, “the radical left in congress is consumed with envy and hatred and rage while we’re creating jobs and fighting for Michigan, you see what’s going on.”

White house on Trump Impeachment

The White House issued a statement mentioning that Donald Trump “assured that he will be fully pardoned” in a Senate trial.

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