Two-headed snake gets all attention of people

By Atta Ur Rehman Khan - Web Editor & Columnist

11th December, 2019

An unusual snake was found in a village Belda by villagers on today.

A two-headed snake was found in the Ekarukhi near Chandi Mandir. It was discover in a forest range of West Bengal’s Midnapore city.

According to the Forest Department, the team was unable to rescue the snake.

According to herpetologist, It was not rescued because the villagers who believe in the mythical significance of the two heads didn’t want to hand it over to the department.


According to Soma Chakraborty, zoologist, the double-headed snake’s belongs to Naja Kautia species.

“This species is also known as Bengal Kharis, it is also known as Kala Naag which is venomous. There is no mythological thing in this case. There are many factors behind the formation of two heads. It might be formed at the time of splitting of the embryo or maybe due to some environmental factors,” said Soma .

The venom of this snake is neurotoxic, the statement also added

The snake was seen by villagers travelling to Jagal, who first thought there were two snakes.

Upon realizing that it was a single snake with two heads, they informed the forest officials.

Soon the news of a mystical two-faced snake spread in nearby villages and people gathered to watch it for themselves. The forest officials have taken the snake with them.

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