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US confirms brain injuries in 34 soldiers due to Iran attack

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

25th Jan, 2020. 03:05 pm
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34 US service members had been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury after missile attacks by Iran.

United States confirmed that his 34 soldiers has been diagnosed suffering post trauma brain injuries after missile attacks by Iran.

Initially, Trump and other authorities in the US had claim that the attacks had not caused deaths or injuries.

Eleven troops had been treated for concussion symptoms after airstrike in Iraq according to US military. They also said that additional troops had been taken out of Iraq for injuries.

Pentagon spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman said yesterday that eight service members were taken to the US. They had been taken to Germany before.

According to sources, nine services members are still being treated in Germany,

The US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he “heard that they had headaches and a couple of other things”.

US President Donald Trump said that he will soon unveil his long-awaited peace plan for the Middle East.

US President will soon release the plan before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits the US next week. He is likely to meet Netanyahu’s election opponent Benny Gantz next week.

Trump also said that Palestinians have not accepted the peace plan when the administration told them briefly about the plan.

On the contrary, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesperson for Palestinian President said that Palestinians “warn Israel and the US administration not to cross any red lines”.

Note that Donald Trump has earlier mentioned in a tweet that the plan would be unveiled next week. He said, “Details and timing of our closely-held peace plan are purely speculative”.

The plan is likely to end conflicts between Israel and Palestinians.

Apart from that, Palestinians have declared Trump’s plan dead in the water even before its release. They consider the plan as pro-Israeli policies.




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