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Fire at a German Zoo enclosure killed all animals

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

02nd Jan, 2020. 10:12 am
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Fire at German zoo

A fire destroyed enclosure of the German zoo, killing almost all its primates.

Krefeld zoo has declared that it’s “worst fear have become a reality” as fire cause huge destruction in the zoo.

Initially, it was reported that all animals have died. However, it was later found that two chimpanzees had survived.

A 2,000 sq m (21,500 sq ft) had accommodated rare Bornean orangutans, chimpanzees, and marmosets.

According to police, sky lanterns that were used to celebrate New Year may have caused the fire.

The city’s head of criminal police Gerd Hoppmann said, “People reported seeing those sky lanterns flying at low altitude near the zoo and then it started burning,”

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He also informed that investigations have found used lanterns near the zoo.

Note that sky lanterns are banned in Germany, as they are known as a fire hazard.

Krefeld zoo considered it a miracle that the two chimpanzees, Limbo and Bally, survived. They are slightly injured but vets are taking care of them.

The zoo also assured that the Gorilla Garden nearby was spared. That Garden houses western lowland gorillas.

The monkey house was created in 1975. However, it was rebuilt to include rainforest inhabitants including fruit bats, free-flying birds, and primates.



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