“Marry your rapist” Bill to be proposed in Turkey

By Komal Fatima - Web Editor

24th January, 2020

A new law named ‘marry your rapist’ has been proposed in Turkey is in the debate these days.

The law will allegedly allow men blamed for harassing women under 18 years of age to be free of punishment if they marry their victims.

“Marry your rapist” bill has faced immense criticism even before it was passed in Turkey.

The United Nations has opposed the bill and has warned that the law will make the rapists more confident and they will commit a crime without the fear of punishments.

The bill has received immense criticism on both the national and international level, as they believe the law will lead to normalizing child abuse and sexual exploitation.

Opposition MPs such as members of the People’s Democratic Party have opposed the bill and have emphasized not to pass the bill.

They claim that rapists will force girls and minors for unwanted marriages.

Note that another bill of a similar kind was presented in Turkey in 2016. That bill highlighted the same agenda for rape cases in which “force, threat, or any other restriction on consent” was not used.

However, the bill was not passed as it received global disapproval.

In 2017, authorities had presented another law that permitted Islamic muftis and scholars to conduct civil marriage rituals. However, people opposed the law, as they fear that it will create more chances of child marriages.

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