North Korea warns to restart weapon testing

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

01st Jan, 2020. 10:27 am
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North Korea leader King Jong-un announced that he is ending the suspension of nuclear and long-range missile tests initiated during negotiations with the US.

Kim Jong-un also said that a new strategic weapon will be launched soon in his country.

However, he said that he was still ready for negotiation.

The US’s attitude will determine the scope of testing.

The momentum of the past few years has hindered, as Washington refused to call off the sanctions until Pyongyang fully cancel its nuclear program.

While speaking at a gathering of the Workers’ Party on 1st January, the leader Kim Jong-un said, “ Under such condition, there is no ground for us to get unilaterally bound to the commitment any longer, the commitment any longer, the commitment to which there is no opposite party, and there is chilling our efforts for worldwide nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation,”

According to the state news agency, he also warned that “the world will witness a new strategic weapon in the near future”.

Another ‘crucial test’ conducted by North Korea

On the contrary, the US President Donald Trump has said in response to Mr. Kim that he and Mr. Kim had signed a contract and had talked about denuclearization.

He said, “I think he is a man of words.”

US foreign secretary Mike Pompeo has said, “If Chairman Kim has reneged on the commitments he made to President Trump, that is deeply disappointing,”

“He made those commitments to President Trump in exchange for President Trump agreeing not to conduct large-scale military exercises. We’ve lived up to our commitments. We continue to hold out hope that he will live up to his as well.”

North Korea conducts yet another Nuclear Test despite Deadlock with US

Note that North Korea has attempted many small weapon tests last year in 2019, seen was a purpose to compel the US into forming concessions.

However, Pyongyang has not conducted experiments since 2017. Any further attempts would enrage President Donald Trump, as elections will be held soon.

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