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UAE tourist visa will be valid for 5 years for all nationalities

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

08th Jan, 2020. 01:40 pm
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UAE visa

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) recent visa reforms without a doubt made the country more attractive to job-seekers and tourists.

The UAE introduced a multiple-entry visa scheme valid for five years for all nationalities.

It aims to turn the Gulf state into a tourism hub

According to the details, New UAE visa holds promise for tourism and economy.

“Last year saw 10-year visas for business people, investors, and scientists,” said reports on Wednesday.

It noted that the five-year multiple entry visas announced by the Cabinet will make the UAE experience last for travelers.

Those who look to spend more time with their families will be facilitated too.

The report continued, Details of the new visa scheme are still awaited.

But, this is a landmark reform nevertheless with long-term benefits for the economy.

Household spends expects to increase with more families visiting the country.

The knock-down effects will be felt across all sectors of the economy starting with tourism which could be the biggest gainer.

The realty sector is also likely to get a much-needed boost, so will hotel bookings.

Overall, such a visa will increase spending which is good for the retail sector.

Airlines will reap the benefits too with extra tickets sold as frequent travellers to the country will simply fly out to the UAE without the hassle of applying for new visas.

Parents of residents working in the country can avail of the measure for five years instead of applying every time to visit their families.

Coming ahead of the Expo this year, the roll out of the new visa is certain to see a surge in tourist arrivals to the country.

Last year, tourist arrivals topped 21 million.

Dubai Expo expects to see an additional 25 million people visiting this year and early next year.

Five-year visas that are open to all nationalities could be the veritable icing on the cake for the tourism industry.

This comes as a boon for business sentiment.

It will burnish the credentials of the UAE as a global destination for business travellers and tourists.

The costs, maximum time of stay, and eligibility conditions for individuals will be announced in a couple of months.

This reform sits nicely with the country’s plans to expand the economy.

The long-term nature of the visa makes it unique and futuristic in scope.

In October, Dubai is to host Expo 2020, a big-budget global trade fair.
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