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Ukrainian plane crash-Tehran refuses to give black boxes or Boeing

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

09th Jan, 2020. 10:04 am
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passenger plane crashed in afghanistan

Iran refuses to hand over the black boxes flight recorders that were restored from the Ukrainian plane that was crashed.

The Ukrainian plane Boeing 737-800 was crashed in Tehran a few minutes after it took off. About 176 people were onboard.

Iran has the authority to lead the investigation, as per the global aviation rules.

However, experts claim that few countries are able to analyses black boxes.

The US National Transportation Safety Board would take part in any international investigations including US-made Boeings. However, the Board cannot take part without seeking permission and would work as per the legislation of the international country concerned.

The head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organisation (CAO), Ali Abedzabeh told the local news, “We will not give the black box to the manufacturer and the Americans.”

He also reported that Iran’s aviation organization will investigate the incident. But he also assured that Ukrainians can also take part.

He also added that he is unclear yet which country would examine the black boxes.

The black boxes include a cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder.

Boeing says that it was willing to assist in any way required.

Ukrainian plane crashed in Iran

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has offered technical assistance and has said that his country would expect a part in the investigation.

Given that a Ukrainian plane was crashed in Tehran and the majority of the passengers were from Iran and Canada.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has threatened against “speculation or unchecked theories regarding the catastrophe” until official reports come out.

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