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British Politician Jeremy Corbyn condemns violence against Muslims

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

28th Feb, 2020. 10:35 am
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British Politician

British Politician Jeremy Corbyn has condemned violence against Muslims in Indian Capital by extremist Hindu groups linked with the ruling Bhartya Janata Party (BJP).

In an interview, Labour chief and leader of the opposition in the British parliament, Jeremy Corbyn said he’s saddened and shocked at the killing of innocent Muslims in Delhi riots,

The riots that initiated by the extremist Hindutva groups linked with Naredndra Modi’s government.

“I am totally shocked by what has happened and totally deplore the killings that have happened.” said the British Politician.

“I stand by those who have protested for their rights.”

“They have the right to protest and they have the right to disagree, that’s what a democracy is all about,” he said.

“The basis of international law has to be the universal declaration of international human rights which of course guarantees and protects the right of religious freedom and assembly and the right of equality before the law of citizenship,” he added.

Labour leader said all faiths are equal and no faith has the right to attack others.

“There has to be a basis in every society that there is no supremacy of one faith or ethnic group over another.”

That’s what a democracy is all about, equality before the law irrespective of your ethnicity of your faith.”

The death toll from Delhi’s worst riots in decades has risen to 38.

Tensions remained high in India’s capital, as thousands of riot police and paramilitaries patrolled streets littered with the debris from days of sectarian riots.

Justice S. Muralidhar, a Delhi high court judge, sharply criticized the police and called on officers to investigate politicians from Narendra Modi’s governing Bharatiya Janata party for inciting violence.

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