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British Government says no visas to be given to low-skilled workers

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

19th Feb, 2020. 09:56 am
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Government says no visas to be given to low-skilled workers

The UK will not allow visas to low-skilled workers under post-Brexit immigration plans the government had unveiled.

Employers are being urged to “move away” from depending on “cheap labor” from Europe and invest in retaining staff and developing automation technology.

According to the home office, authorities will treat EU and non-EU citizens coming to the UK equally after UK-EU free movements come to an end on 31sr December.

“Hostile environment” will not attract workers, labor said.

However, Home Secretary Priti Patel said that the new mechanism would be “the brightest and the best will be able to come to the United Kingdom”.

The government wants a “point-based” immigration system- as it had vowed in its election manifesto. The government had said it was aiming to reduce overall migration to the UK.

Under the new scheme proposed by the government, overseas workers who wanted to work in the UK would know how to speak English and an “approved sponsor” should have offered them a skilled job.

The government will award the workers 50 points if their criteria match these credentials.

Immigrants must have 70 points if they want to work in the UK, with points given for qualifications, salary, and working in the field with shortages.

However, the government said it would not allow the hiring of lower-skilled workers, forcing businesses to “adapt and adjust” to the completion of free movement between EU countries and the UK.

It said, “It is important employers move away from a reliance on the UK’s immigration system as an alternative to investment in staff retention, productivity and wider investment in technology and automation,”

The government also said that 3.2 million EU citizens who have applied to continue working in the UK could apply to fulfill labor laws demands.

The government is also expected to present a scheme for seasonal workers in agriculture to 10,000 and “youth mobility arrangements”, which enable 20,000 young people visit Uk each year.

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