Italy announces lockdown to tackle coronavirus outbreak

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

23rd Feb, 2020. 09:28 am
Italy has introduced lockdown to handle the spread of coronavirus in Europe.

Italy has introduced lockdown to handle the spread of coronavirus in Europe.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has decided to impose an emergency plan on Saturday as the number of cases increased to 79.

The lockdown was announced after two deaths were reported in Italy.

Authorities have put several towns in the northern areas of Lombardy and Veneto into quarantine.

Authorities have instructed 50,000 people from towns in two areas to stay at home.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that people will be forbidden to visit or leave outbreak areas unless they seek special permission.

Officials have also suspended school and sports activities in those regions.

Police will be observing and checking the situations.

Lombardy’s health Chief Giulio Gallera said, “The contagiousness of this virus is very strong and pretty virulent,”

Note that there are 76392 cases of coronavirus in China, the death toll reached 2,348.

Coronavirus has spread in 26 countries, more than 1,400 cases and 11 deaths have been confirmed.

WHO expresses concern over coronavirus outbreak outside China

Head of the World Health Organisation has shown concern over the number of patients with no direct clear to China or other confirmed cases.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus shown concern. He commented after Iran’s announcement of two more deaths. Deaths increased to four.

He said that the window of chance to contain the virus was “narrowing”.

According to Iranian health officials, the virus may already prevail in “all Iran’s cities”.

Note that there are 1,152 confirmed cases of coronavirus in 26 countries. Eight deaths were also reported. Among them, two deaths were reported from South Korea.


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