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Sisters separated during World War II reunites after 78 years

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

07th Feb, 2020. 12:25 am
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sisters reunited after 78 YEARS

Sisters separated during the World War II met again after 78 years in an astonishing reunion.

According to the sources, Rosalina Kharitonova, now 94, was working in a tank factory which was bombed by the Nazis in 1942.

Her distraught family including younger sister Yulia, now 92, assumed she was dead, one of two million victims in the most bloody confrontation in World War Two.

sisters after 78 years

Sources also said, The women in their family including Yulia were soon evacuated to Soviet Central Asia – and Rosalina had no way to find them during or after the war, although she never gave up looking.

‘We were told that Rosa (Rosalina) had died, and this sounded right, we did not search for her,’ said Yulia as the pair met again in Chelyabinsk in an astonishing and heartwarming reunion filmed by Russian channel NTV.

RT also posted the video on social networking site, Instagram and said, “Heartbreaking moment sisters separated during the Battle of Stalingrad are reunited 78 years later.

Rosalina Kharitonova, now 94, was working in a tank factory that was bombed by the Nazis and evacuated to Chelyabinsk in 1942. Her sister Yulia thought she perished in the bloodiest confrontation in World War II. It took almost six years, the help of police and a TV crew for the emotional reunion to finally take place.”

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