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China: 19 firefighters killed in Forest fire

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

31st Mar, 2020. 06:40 pm
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China: 19 firefighters killed in Forest fire

19 firefighters were killed in a devastating fire in China’s forests.

According to the international News Agency, a fire broke out in the forests of Sichuan province of China, were sent to fight the blaze and evacuate nearby residents.

An emergency evacuation was initiated right after the incident reported, and more than 300 professional firefighters and another 700 militiamen took part in it. Six remote water supply systems and extensive firefighting equipment were used during the fire extinguish operation and drones were also used to monitor the fire’s progress, the officials stated.

According to the information officer in the city of Xichang “The fire started on a farm Monday afternoon and quickly spread to nearby mountains due to strong winds.”

19 people were killed in the fire including  fire brigade personnel and ‘guides’ of the affected forests.

Earlier in September last year, the fires in Australia began which has destroyed more than 1,300 homes, as well as millions of acres of bush land and finally March 31 has marked as the end of the 2019-20  bush-fire season of the country’s most devastating season.

Many parts of Australia have been in drought conditions, some for years, which have made it easier for the fires to spread and grow.

‘Satanic face’ captured in photo of Australia fires

Australia’s environment minister, Sussan Ley stated that up to 30% of their habitat has been destroyed.

Approximately 480 million mammals, birds and reptiles have been lost since the fires intensified in September.

Meteorologists say a climate system in the Indian Ocean, known as the dipole, is the main driver behind the extreme heat in Australia.

Australian Prime Minister Morrison was badly panned for his management of the bushfires. He is facing persistent accusations of being absent, as he took a holiday to Hawaii, and underplaying the role of climate change.

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